OEM ODM made in france


  • Formulas developed to meet your needs

  • Selection of raw materials according to your requirements (black list)

  • Quality: In parallel with product development, tests (stability, heat shock, compatibilities, airtightness …)

Pôle recherche cosmétique


  • A research and development center for more innovation!
  • Partnership with different actors: universities, materials suppliers…
  • Beware aware of new cosmetics trends: we are constantly looking for innovation, concept, new textures…
  • To maintain our expert status in cosmetic formulation, we participate in conferences about nanoparticles.

Texturotheque®. Have you ever heard about it? Go and discover our concept.

Discover this concept and our latest creations on our innovation page.

Production & Filling

  • Manufacturing and filling in France according to ISO 22716.

  • Various equipment which enable to produce different volumes (from 50KG to 2.2T).

  • Expertise in the filling of hot pouring products.

  • Capacity to package internally lipsticks, sunscreen sticks, foundation sticks, compact foundation and also tubes, pots etc externally with our partners.

  • Approved exporter (reduced costs and simplified procedures for Korea. ABC Texture is also a certified exporter for Canada).

  • FDA certification in progress.


High Environmental Quality.
Committed to an HEQ approach, we work according to an environmental, societal and organizational approach.
ABC Texture is a signatory to the UN Global Pact.


Through the acquisition of software such as Coptis for formulation, and a Manufacturing Execution System for the production part, traceability is ensured on all of our products.

ISO 22716

ISO 22716 certification
Certified since 2016, we guarantee the safety of the cosmetics products we produce.


Electronic Document Management: reducing the environmental impact of paper printing.

Integrated management software: upward and downward traceability of actions carried out.